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Battery Safety and prevention methods

Time:2022-09-21 Views:

Before use carefully read the instruction manual or contact manufacturers to understand that the battery on the proper use;


Instructions in accordance with electrical load to the battery polarity is correct electrical appliances;


Old and new batteries or different types of model cell hybrid use is prohibited;


Prohibit charging for disposable batteries;


Against heat or disassemble the battery, not the battery into the water, fire;


Prohibited to short circuit the battery to prevent battery explosion, overnight, or cause other hazards;


If the battery unusual circumstances, such as: an unpleasant odor, overnight, the battery casing to rupture, deformation, please stop using it immediately;


Battery on children is not easy enough to place;


If the battery overnight and accidentally into the eyes, rinse immediately with water, the circumstances are serious, see a doctor;

Electrical long-term use, should remove the battery from electrical appliances, stored in a dry, cool place; 




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