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Battery Purchase and processing method

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How to avoid the purchase of Maidaojiahuo?


        False rechargeable battery will result in unimaginable consequences: ranging from power supply does not cause the machine to not work properly, the weight is leaking, explosion, and damage the internal circuitry or internal components. So, we buy rechargeable batteries, you must acquire a certain amount of identification skills.


        Battery packaging and printing Note: Look closely at the battery packaging technology, printing is fine, the font is clear, this is the characteristics of the real thing; we have to see whether the battery jacket fuzzy fonts, printing and the edge is rough, fakes are usually significantly different in subtle process and the real thing.


How to buy cell phone batteries?


The genuine quality of genuine mobile phone batteries generally have the following exterior features:

1, the battery label use of the second printing technology, in a certain light, from the side, obviously feel that the bar code part of the color is darker than the rest.

2, battery paste surface of the white light touch metal objects, similar to a pencil across the scene.

, The battery casing is made of special material, very sturdy and difficult to damage, the general means can not open the battery.

4, neat appearance, no extra burr, the outer surface roughness and feel comfortable, smooth feel of the inner surface of the bulb can still see fine vertical scratches.

5, battery electrodes and the width of the cell phone battery slice battery charging the same insulating material between the electrodes and the shell material, but not one.

6, the battery into the phone should feel comfortable, up and down freely, and are linked closely together.

        General people need to pay attention to buy mobile phone batteries, First, the cell phone battery's nominal voltage and the voltage of your phone to match. In bootable experiment. Dealer for the technical quality of the supervision department of the battery tested motor test file, the indicators, including the battery capacity at a glance, from the view of the battery capacity indicators. Third, pay attention to save the warranty card. Under normal circumstances, cell phone batteries should be at least warranty for six months, during the event of quality problems, you may be asked for contact to the dealer returned.


How to buy a digital camera batteries?


        Currently on the market, digital cameras use the battery category, there are three, namely, alkaline batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries. For most common digital camera users, the proposed purchase of the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, although it is a one-time purchase cost more than alkaline batteries, but in the long count, the cost of its use than alkaline batteries is much lower (alkaline non-rechargeable). And nickel metal hydride batteries with high power capacity, depth of discharge, overcharge, over-discharge, short charge time and other obvious advantages. In addition, NiMH rechargeable batteries, nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries in terms of only a slight memory effect, and its electrical capacity, depth of discharge and intensity, the charge must be greatly nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries.

        In fact, alkaline batteries are not suitable for the drive power as a digital camera, this is because: a digital camera's LCD preview, image data processing, lens zoom, continuous shooting and so need to consume large amounts of power, which often leads to some users in the use of to buy a new alkaline batteries when not to shoot a few photos, the low battery alarm with or without cause the camera to protect themselves. Therefore, the alkaline battery is best not to use, although will not harm the camera, but after the purchase is not particularly meaningful.

        More and more digital cameras began to use a lithium battery, lithium's relatively modest price, light weight, large capacity, energy density, and almost no "memory effect", lithium also started to become mainstream digital camera battery commonly used one. Lithium-ion battery is generally not to the standard AA, AAA form of production costs, but according to the limitations of battery size, shape, electrical appliances of the same shape, its versatility, a battery is only suitable for a particular brand or same brand a range of products to use. The volume of different sizes, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery is not the same. Therefore, for the purchase of lithium, it is usually as long as the purchase of lithium-powered products can match with the DC. Most manufacturers only provide a battery before the go on a trip it is best to extra to buy a, which can be used interchangeably, more secure when taking pictures.



Environmentally friendly processing of used batteries?


        In order to strengthen the management of waste battery recycling, Germany has implemented new regulations for battery recycling management. Requirements consumers will be finished using the dry batteries, button batteries and other types of batteries sent to the stores or waste recycling recycling store and waste recycling waste batteries must be unconditionally accepted and transferred to the processing factory to recycle. They also implement a deposit system for toxic nickel-cadmium batteries and mercury-containing batteries, consumers buy each cell contains a deposit, when consumers take their used batteries to change, the price can be automatically deducted the deposit.


        Processing of waste batteries, Switzerland has two specialized processing and use of the old battery factory, a factory approach taken is that the old battery ground, and then sent to the furnace heating, then extract the volatilized mercury, the temperature is more high zinc evaporation, manganese and iron, manganese ferroalloy and steel required in the fusion. This plant can process 2,000 tons of waste batteries obtained 780 tons of manganese ferroalloys, 400 tons of zinc and 3 tons of mercury. Another plant is extracted directly from the battery of iron and manganese oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide and nickel oxide and other metal compounds sold as scrap metal directly. Of Magdeburg, Germany and suburban areas for the construction of a "wet processing" devices, in addition to the lead-acid batteries, all kinds of batteries are dissolved in sulfuric acid, then using ion resin extracted from the solution a variety of metal objects in this way raw materials obtained pure than the heat treatment method, so in the market price, and the various substances contained in the battery 95% can be extracted, but also eliminates the need for sorting link. The annual processing capacity of this device up to 7500 tons.


        Built in the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan Nomura Kosan Co., Ltd. The main business is the processing of waste batteries and waste fluorescent lamps treatment. Each year they acquired from the National Waste battery up to 13,000 tons, collected 93 percent is collected by non-governmental environmental organizations, and seven percent is collected by the manufacturers. The business carried out in 1985, the purification capacity has been increasing. In the past, mainly to recover the mercury, but the Japanese domestic battery contains no mercury, iron hull of the major recycling batteries and other metal raw materials, and the development and manufacturing of secondary products, such as one of the products can be used for TV display dissector.

         In addition, some countries have also developed a number of related policies. Such as the United States, the recycling of used batteries in Japan handed handling of enterprises, each handling a ton of government subsidies; production of battery manufacturers in Korea, to produce one ton to pay a certain amount of margin for recyclers to handle the fees and appoint a special plant for processing. Other countries battery manufacturers to impose environmental governance, tax or tax exemption and reduction of waste battery processing enterprises. At present, the recycling of waste batteries and processing technology is not yet mature, because of the battery contains elements of many kinds and small, to process cost is high, around to entering into the processing station is not possible, the current scale The treatment plant was built in Yi County, Hebei, which is run jointly with a university in Beijing. So now we can do is to try the used batteries together (you can be handed over to local environmental protection department), to avoid spread everywhere and pollute the environment. 




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